Our Safety:-

How SAILS at Bayside is accountable in respect of Children and Young Peoples safety.


In addition to its Code of Conduct and Code of Ethics documents, SAILS at Bayside is accountable to the Office of Professional Standards, Anglican Diocese of Brisbane and holds a current Diocesan Child Protection Risk Management Plan SAILS AT BAYSIDE Certificate of Compliance.

All new volunteers have to undergo a Diocese of Brisbane Safe Ministry Check prior to being accepted on-team.

Sailing and Kayaking Safety


Every effort has been taken to ensure the safety of our team and the participants.


An on-shore Beach Controller controls the overall on-water safety of the event. The Beach Controller has vhf marine radio contact with the Rescue Boat Skipper, each Kayak Lifeguard and each Catamaran Skipper.


All team members and participants involved with water based sailing and kayaking activities are fitted with appropriate PFDs safety (floatation vests) prior to taking to the water. PFDs are either Type 1 / L100 for smaller children or Type 2 / L50s for youths and adults

Participants are encouraged to be sun-safe and a sunscreen station is available for those who forgot to bring sunscreen lotion with them.

A marquee is provided for venues where there is inadequate shade.