All Events:- (General Information)

Depending on the day:


up to 4 catamarans are operational, each under the supervision of a skipper. They cater for 2-3 participants depending on boat size. Participants are encouraged to learn basic skills associated with sailing and are given an

opportunity to do so if they wish.


11 Viking Nemo sit-on-top kayaks are available for use and these are always under the supervision of qualified kayak lifeguards.




Safety is of the utmost importance and to this end the following protocols and equipment have been put in place:

Work instruction and risk management documentation;

Qualified First Aid Officers are always on duty;

A Safety Officer and Rescue Boat is in operation at all times during an event;

Safety jackets are properly fitted and tested;

A Beach Controller oversees the safety aspect of the Event;

Radio contact is available between the Beach Controller, the Catamaran Skippers, the Kayak Lifeguards and the Rescue Boat Skipper.

Participants are encouraged to bring a change of clothes, a towel, wear hats and old shoes and apply sunscreen as a part of our sun-safe programme.